MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
When proven technologies become obsolete, e.g. when electrical components have reached their end of life, Mitsubishi Electric will provide a successor technology, being faster and even more reliable than before. To support the process of transition to the new technology, Mitsubishi Electric provides a set of software and hardware tools.

Transition process

  • Identify the install base of obsolete technology
  • Identify the communication network used. It might be possible to make the transition in stages where new controllers communicate with old ones.
  • Identify system requirements and available budget
  • Contact Mitsubishi Electric's technical support if needed

Upgrade your Silverline products

Ans/QNAS > iQ Platform

Reliable control when you need it most

FX1 / FX2 > FX3

Full PLC performance in a tiny package

GOT1000 > GOT2000

Tailored solutions to meet your HMI and visualization needs.

FR-F700 / FR-A700 > FR-F800 / FR-A800

Economical, intelligent, versatile

MR-J3 > MR-J4

Human, machine and environment in perfect harmony


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